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VA hired Brightstar for respite care of my blind stroke victim veteran husband, who is also on blood thinners.One of the CNAs didn’t know what a shower curtain or how to use it to keep the bath floor dry.

Another CNA left him alone in the summer heat while she had a smoke and visited her boyfriend for a long amount of time. Another CNA used bleach on colored laundry, then scoped the house and asked about items she wanted; we fired her before my husband told me she had also climbed in bed with him. The next CNA was inexperienced, about 18 yo, 9 mo pregnant, and arrived in a brand new red Camaro; I had to fire her when she got my husband in a dangerous position in the shower. Another CNA (male) asked my husband if he, the CNA, should keep having sex with the better-looking girlfriend or the one with more money.

Also, when I needed emergency CNA help because I was sick (2 times), Brightstar says they’ll take a message, and then they call back the next week to see if we got any help. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law had to call 911 to care for my husband while I was on the floor vomiting. Finally, another time we expected a CNA to come at 9am; when she didn’t arrive, we called the CNA and Brightstar, and were told the office continued to have the wrong scheduled time in their records, and I could wait until the CNA could arrive at 11am. Husband told me to drop him off at the Brightstar office and for me go to my 10am doctor appointment.

Brightstar did not like that, and told us he could not be inside the premises, outside the premises on the public sidewalk, and then they called the police on my blind, wheelchair-bound veteran husband. Police ended up shaking my husband’s hand, and then went into Brightstar to have a talk.

Yes, we complained about each of these, to Brightstar and the VA.These are all facts, make up your own mind.

Review about: Brightstar Care Adult Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: better customer service, employee training, valid options for emergency calls for help.

I didn't like: Customer service, Lack of training, Lack of professionalism, Lack of employee screening, Inability to deal with emergency calls for help.

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Ditto to everything you stated. Veterans and all people deserve better!


Call your local congressman and tell him your story.He can file a "congressional" with the VA.

Will it help? Who knows, but all federal agencies are required to answer congressionals.

See what VA/Brightstar's response is.The VA is broken.

to h.kitchener #1374974


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